The Finnish Association of Public Health Nurses

The Finnish Association of Public Health Nurses is the trade union for public health nurses and audiologists, as well as the students of the field. There are about 7,500 members in the Association. The Association has 15 regional public health nurse associations and a national association for audiologists. The association was founded in 1938.

Association's  central organization is Akava, a trade union confederation of affiliates for highly educated people. Together, Akava’s 35 affiliates have unionized more than half a million employees and professionals. The members of Akava affiliates include employees, as well as students, entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Finnish Association of Public Health Nurses protects the interests of its members in areas such as collective bargaining, supervision of terms and conditions of employment, as well as other professional and educational matters. It actively participates in the development of education for public health work, health and welfare services, and health care. The Association is also regarded as the expert organization in matters regarding health promotion. Through its initiatives and actions, it influences the nation’s labor market, education policies, social policies, and health policies.

The  membership application can be found on the association’s website at and it can be completed online.

The fully paid-up members of the Association are members of JATTK, the unemployment fund.