Audiologist – Expert in Hearing

Audiologist is an expert in audiological nursing care, particularly in diagnosing and treating various disorders of the auditory system, in hearing rehabilitation, hearing-aids, and providing care for people throughout the various stages of their live.

Audiologist's work focuses on promoting and maintaining hearing and preventing hearing loss by working with individuals, families, communities, and the population at large. The work aims at strengthening client's hearing and communicative capabilities, as well as development of their own resources and independent health care choices.

Audiologists work in specialis, ed nursing, primary health care, a variety of organisasations, at Private service providers, and as autonomous healthcare practitioners.

Audiologist training is an advanced training programme aimed towards public health nurses (240 ECTS) and nurses (210 ECTS). The training is organised by various Universities of Applied Sciences as a specialisation programme that lasts 1.5 years (60 ECTS).