Public Health Nurse – Expert in Health Promotion

Public health nurse is an expert in nursing care that specializes in the fields of public health nursing, health promotion, and public health work throughout the various stages of people’s lives.

Public health nursing focuses on preventing illnesses while promoting and maintaining health by working with individuals, families, communities, occupational groups, and the population at large. It aims to strengthen clients’ own resources and improve self-care.

Public health nurses work in maternity and child health clinics, family planning clinics,schools, student and occupational health care, home care;and in a variety settings such as organizations, temporary project- specific tasks,and self-employment. This training meets the requirements laid down in EU directives, which means it provides graduates the necessary qualifications for working abroad.

Public health nurse training is completed in 4 years and consists of 240 ETCS. Registered Public Health Nurses are certified as medical professionals in the fields of Nursing and Public Health Nursing